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How to get more from your outsourced IT service provider
20 June 2022  |  By Hiend Software Pte. Ltd.
Outsourcing offers powerful cost-cutting benefits, but often fails to deliver the technological advances and critical benefits that businesses really need. Here's how to get the most out of your outsourced services.
How to get more from your outsourced IT service providerWhen it comes to creative business solutions that deliver more than their value, outsourced IT services just aren't cutting it. Business owners, directors and IT managers are demanding more. How can you find the best option for your company's IT service outsourcing and ensure that you'll receive the most for your money? Read on for expert tips.

Outsourcing delivers cost savings, but presents drawbacks
There is almost no disagreement over the substantial cost benefits of outsourcing. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that businesses are not as likely to agree on the strengths of outsourcing. In a recent survey conducted by IDA Singapore, "lack of perceived benefits" and "supply of infocomm technology does not match the infocomm needs of the organisation" ranked top in the list of barriers to IT system usage.

Every business wants to get more for its money when it comes to the products and services it provides, but there doesn't seem to be a clear option for improvement in this area. If the quality of outsourced IT services is falling short, what's the solution?

Achieve more with IT outsourcing that delivers results
Outsourced IT services are never going to improve unless and until companies start to demand it, and refuse to pay for anything less. It's simple, really: The market responds to customers in a relationship between supply and demand. Here are three ways that you can ask more of your outsourced IT provider to ensure that you receive the benefits, innovations, and quality customer care you deserve:

  1. Don't make the bottom dollar your bottom line: It's easy to fall into the trap of looking for the best price point on everything, even when it costs you in the long run. Smart business owners and managers know that the best value for their money may not necessarily be the cheapest alternative. Cost cutting will only take you so far, if it means settling for services that are second best or worse.
  2. Seek out value: You won't find quality service providers unless you invest some time and effort looking for them. Balance your budgetary needs against the skills and benefits you're looking for in a provider. Real business value means considering details you might not otherwise ask about, such as the number of employees who will be working on your account and the quality of the service.
  3. Look beyond the contract to real results: Above and beyond the signed agreement, do you really know what you're getting? The real benefit to your business outcomes will only be seen in the long run, but it's well worth discussing in early negotiations. This assessment can reveal not only the approach of your IT service provider, but their willingness to adapt to the needs and goals of your business.

Prioritising quality over cost cutting will mean serious changes in the way many businesses think about outsourced services, but it's an important step that delivers much more than it costs in time, effort, and money. The only way to achieve real growth is to abandon old approaches in favor of new and improved ones that work more effectively and efficiently. Consider an investment in quality-conscious outsourcing as a purchase that could pay off in millions of dollars of future business for your company.
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