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Drive sales and conversions with Hiend CRM
Simplify your company's CRM needs with Hiend Customer Relationship Management, a flexible solution that provides complete support for sales, marketing, and networking.
Hiend CRM is a complete tool that structures and manages every aspect of client relations. From sales and marketing to client support, it delivers the versatility and responsiveness to drive exceptional customer service and to boost prospecting and conversions. Its benefits include:

  • Total lead management through integrated and intuitive dashboards
  • A single tool to manage all your company's business goals and campaigns
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Systematised opportunities for growth
  • Easy to use functionality and custom interfaces
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Sales force automation
Hiend CRM streamlines sales by improving the ease with which you track contacts, manage opportunities, and sell to customers.

Provide your sales staff with a performance-driving system that monitors quotes, contracts, and revenue through customisable dashboards. Hiend CRM makes it easy to share information, supplying collaboration tools that integrate seamlessly with Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, and other applications.

  • Collaborate with individuals and groups through easy sharing of sales data
  • Drive action to the most lucrative prospects
  • Create a smoother, quicker learning curve for new employees
  • Build more effective customer proposals and sales presentations
  • Use reporting tools to monitor progress and performance

Marketing initiatives automation
Designed to streamline communication between sales and marketing departments, Hiend CRM can be used to build, track, and establish synchronised ad campaigns and sales drives.

The system's campaign wizard makes it easy to manage and assign leads, even as you track marketing ROI and campaign progress. Web-to-Lead Forms enable businesses to capture leads directly from email marketing and integrate them into the CRM system.

  • Capture leads and funnel them into CRM systems for future contact
  • Create marketing and sales campaigns that build on each other
  • Monitor campaign ROI for fine-tuning and further development

Client support system
New customers are as good as gold - more expensive and more work than courting your existing ones. With Hiend CRM, you'll be equipped to manage new and existing clients with ease and efficiency, creating quick conversions and building customer loyalty to your brand.

Hiend CRM centralises and manages extensive customer support networks, ensuring that every request gets routed to the right staff member so your clients are served in a timely manner. Manage incoming emails, information requests, troubleshooting, and other issues quickly and effectively with Hiend CRM, and offer a Customer Self-Service Portal to streamline client support and minimise your costs.

  • Manage customer service from an efficient central platform
  • Ensure optimal quality by gaining a better understanding of your clients' concerns
  • Coordinate and share information across departments
  • Monitor call frequency, customer service speed, and staff responsiveness

Projects and activities management
As part of Hiend CRM, you'll receive a Project Management module that integrates with your customer support, marketing, and sales management to deliver a complete picture of your customer service competence.

This versatile system makes it easier to direct your campaigns, manage accounts, and assist customers, even as you pursue new opportunities and avenues for growth. By integrating project management and customer service information, Hiend CRM simplifies data and eliminates redundancies. As a result, you'll never have to worry about inaccuracies, lost information, disorganised data, or departmental inefficiencies. It's all in one intuitive, centralised system.

  • Manage projects and coordinate multiple teams
  • Use templates to create a streamlined project infrastructure
  • Manage and monitor activities with Gantt Charts
  • Track all upcoming events, progress and project completions, open cases, and more

  • Leads
  • Client Cases
  • Open Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Campaigns
  • Issue Tracking
  • Opportunities
  • Email Marketing
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Even Tracking
  • Activity Management
  • Customisable Dashboard
  • Mobile Access
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