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Government ministry connects and teaches with Hiend Learning Management Solution
Hiend Learning Management Solution (LMS) has opened the door in helping the ministry to directly engage employees, enabling it to offer the educational tools and training they really need.
A government ministry

Public sector


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The client
A Singapore government ministry with nearly 400 staff members in its headquarters, this client needed an efficient way to refine its learning processes and actively engage its employees.

The old training system was offered through siloed learning and HR systems, without the necessary reporting capability or flexibility for an organisation of this size. In the effort to empower its staff and improve performance, this ministry sought a new, modernised way to teach through integrated training and learning processes.

The challenge
To replace an outdated system, the ministry needed a new platform that would tie staff profiles and HR data into flexible learning modules. After considering a variety of vendors and options over a three-month consultation period, the ministry chose Hiend to create a new Learning Management System that would deliver the following functionality:

  • Straightforward access to training and professional development modules for all employees
  • Simple monitoring functions that allow administrators to follow employees' progress
  • Intuitive features and functions for learning activity management
  • Ability to engage employees for a high adoption rate
  • Comprehensive tools to match people with appropriate learning modules for their skills, specialties, and competences
  • Standardised training that would enable employees to cross-train for work in other departments and specialisations
  • Tools for sharing and collaboration among staff members
  • Flexible modules that respond to employees' feedback and learning needs

The solution
Combining accessibility and robust reporting tools with new educational opportunities, Hiend delivered a custom solution that has enabled the ministry to improve training efficiency, empower its staff, and eliminate redundant and wasteful spending. The system includes a range of value-adding features, including:

  • Better user experience: Thanks to dynamic graphics, attachments, videos, and a more appealing webpage-like appearance, the new system is more inviting and easier to use
  • Intuitive functionality: With no time for training on an elaborate new platform, the system needed to be easy for everyone to use from the start, with no training or technical support required
  • Engaging and interactive model: To enable staff members to take charge of their own learning, the ministry needed a model that would support the creation of unique training roadmaps and access to job opportunities and skill-building resources
  • Greater control: Administrators and managers can create customised training courses and upload materials or syllabi to suit their teaching style and diverse student needs
  • Active reporting: New, advanced reporting tools keep administrators apprised of course offerings and availability, student enrollment, employee progress, and unique skill roadmaps with quick and effortless dashboards and displays
  • Room for growth: The ministry needed a system that would be versatile and scalable enough to grow as its staffing and training needs develop

The benefits
The impact of the new system was noticed throughout the ministry, marked by near-immediate cost reductions. The response to the system was very positive. Employees were excited about the newfound ease of access through the online portal, and managers enjoyed the improved access to the reports and tools for monitoring their teams' progress. Among the key benefits discussed were:

  • Ease of use
  • Less training burden for busy staff members
  • Improved worker engagement
  • Greater control over course modules and content
  • Ease of access to reporting tools
  • Flexible setup to establish avenues for future growth
  • Natural integration with existing software and learning approaches
  • Training cost reductions

Equipped with Hiend LMS, the ministry has delivered a comprehensive platform offering real value to its staff and administration. Most of all, the system supports the success of the entire organisation, fuelling its service-driven approach to innovation and future growth.
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