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Government ministry sets new service standards with Hiend Workflow Management Solution
A Singapore government ministry implemented Hiend Workflow Management Solution (WMS) and Hiend Financial Solution to streamline its processes and provide better service and transparency in the public sector.
A government ministry

Public sector


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The client
As one of Singapore's government ministries, this public sector client manages claims for more than 2,200 employees through its financial division. These employees are located at numerous divisions including the ministry's headquarters, so claims were often delayed by incompatibilities in legacy systems and the lack of efficient workflows. There was a need for greater organisation and efficiency in its claims handling to provide staff with faster resolutions, greater control, and more transparency during the claims handling process.

The challenge
In the course of creating a platform to support the ministry, Hiend encountered several challenges:

  • The need for a single, web-based system to replace the variety of legacy systems currently being used by different branches and divisions
  • A combination of standardised processes and highly customisable features that would allow each claim to be registered with its own limit, timeline, disbursement requirements, and approval notes for the respective authority
  • The facilitation of greater transparency and accessibility for users, as well as improved customer service responsiveness and faster turnaround
  • A platform that would grow and change to reflect the ongoing evolution of the ministry's services and that would easily allow implementation of future changes

The solution
Motivated by a number of disparate goals and some urgency in their resolution, Hiend achieved a custom solution that would resolve all of the ministry's claim handling needs and objectives.

The key to automating the ministry's claims handling operations was setting up a secure data connection between the government ministry itself and the financial authorities governing claim decisions. Once this system was put in place, other tools could be implemented to support improved customer service and public sector initiatives.

Equipped with Hiend WMS and Hiend Financial Solution, the ministry was assured of an agile and adaptable software fix for its most complex projects. The new platform includes the following features:

  • Automated handling of claims upon receipt, with appropriate end-to-end resolution to forward claims to external financial authorities for auditing
  • Accessibility through VPN connections from a variety of divisions across Singapore, with all usage logged for reporting and tracking purposes
  • Centralised claims handling and data organisation
  • Ability to upload files digitally with full documentation and tracking
  • Automatic reporting of operations, with reports on claim status, SLAs, claim progress, and volume forwarded in real time to accounting departments and approving officers
  • Ability to easily expand the system's infrastructure as the government ministry grows
  • Facility to encourage collaboration between branches at disparate locations
  • Simplification of administrative tasks, ensuring speedy resolution of internal queries and processes
  • Elimination of redundancies and errors across departments
  • Complete integration with other IT systems

The benefits
The system has provided the ministry with:

  • Greater value: The new system has enabled employees to access services more quickly and with less paperwork. It has also delivered unprecedented transparency and control in terms of the individual claims process, a huge advantage over the old, scattered systems.
  • Complete support: Hiend delivers support from the pre-development stage throughout the application's entire lifecycle, monitoring functionality and delivering maintenance, repairs, and expansion with efficiency and courtesy. The client relies on the platform's ability to change and grow along with them, and Hiend provides that versatility and infrastructure expansion as needed.
  • Total integration: Hiend technical team is very experienced at integrating new IT tools into existing systems, enabling users to minimise the time spent in software installation and setup. A fast, effective installation with very little turnaround time is a must for government organisations.

With all of these benefits and the robust features offered by Hiend, the ministry has boosted its efficiency, improved communication between branches and with claimants, and vastly increased the reliability of its tracking and auditing capabilities in one powerful step.
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