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Effective strategy execution with Hiend Performance Management Solution
By placing business strategy at the heart of performance management, Hiend Performance Management Solution (PMS) makes it easy to plan, organise, and manage all of your company's needs.
  • Premier performance management software
  • Deep functionality
  • Optimised for business and corporate users
  • Useful information and analytics
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Easy set up
  • Open standards
  • Available as ready-to-go, straight out-of-the-box or fully custom system
  • Reasonably priced
  • No risk
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Flexible, simple ways to align your business
With an emphasis on holistic business strategy, Hiend offers a straightforward environment in which to align and organise all of your company's units and processes.

This efficient management tool enables you to sort initiatives, delegate resources, and manage your employees' and your company's competencies in one simple, intuitive platform. Balance risks and opportunities against human and financial drives to achieve streamlined performance and results.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Hiend PMS can be adapted to suit your preferred management style, with a variety of elements that can be employed to track financial resources, project risk, performance reports, and much more.

Align your organisation for success

  • Optimise your organisational strategy in terms of budgeting, planning, and reporting
  • Create management reviews that actively reflect your long-term goals
  • Unify the directions taken by your business and support units with those of corporate members, boards, and partners

Turn strategy into concrete objectives
Translate your visions and long-range plans into measurable strategies that provide clear checkpoints and a framework for real changes in your organisation.

Hiend PMS offers straightforward tools and systems that utilise strategic objectives, scorecard structures, and KPIs, breaking down long-term goals into manageable and actionable elements. All components of your company's strategies are presented in graphs and tables for the most useful data analysis. This advanced solution simplifies the process of analysing:

  • Your business mission
  • Long-term goals and vision
  • Historical data
  • Strategy and plans
  • Performance trends
  • Scorecard structures
  • KPIs and metrics
  • Cascading

Communicate organisational plans with clarity
Simplify and clarify strategic planning with strategy maps and balanced scorecard features that enable you to share goals, stages, progress reports, and results throughout your organisation.

Management benefits

  • Maintained focus on performance
  • Tracking of individual employee results and progress
  • Strategic awareness throughout your entire organisation
  • Increased transparency in-house and to supervisors, board members, and shareholders
  • Progress monitoring through weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports

Employee benefits

  • Engagement in goal setting and planning across all levels of your organisation
  • Ongoing opportunities for feedback, input, and sharing successes
  • Focus on key areas for improved performance
  • Quality training and professional development
  • Delivery of easy incentive programs and advanced compensation
  • Platform for best practices training and cascade strategies

Make performance a priority
Hiend PMS does much more than measure and analyse performance. With tools that provide ongoing monitoring and motivation to excel, you'll see your business evolve and grow quickly.

Managing and strengthening your company's performance is all about action. Hiend offers versatile tools that motivate people to do better, achieving results by making the right choices in response to current market conditions. Hiend analytics make it easier to draw on your human resources for skills, knowledge, and empowerment in your business.

Putting performance first

Hiend PMS is designed to create a culture of performance that will yield changes at all levels of your organisation.

  • Customised performance pages for individuals and groups within your business
  • Easy access to the information you need
  • Integrated tools that divide tasks into stages and milestones so you can strategically manage business initiatives
  • Progress tracking and monitoring at every step of ongoing initiatives

Interactive and comprehensible tools
Don't get caught in the spreadsheet trap. Hiend PMS offers interactive, comprehensible tools that make interpreting business performance a pleasure.

With rich features that promote clarity, a holistic view, and ease of communication, Hiend PMS provides so much more than just a monitoring and reporting tool. Our ready-to-use software provides everything you need to align, support, and develop your business strategies.

Corporater EPM Suite
As the sole distributor of Corporater Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite in Singapore, Hiend is proud to deliver the top functionality and intuitive management tools of this software, including enterprise reports, balanced scorecards, and flexible performance dashboards.

Corporater EPM Suite is one of our premier offerings, loaded with features to manage risks, resources, initiatives, and all aspects of corporate business operations. This flexible software tool effortlessly supports a variety of models for optimal performance management.

Suited to small and large businesses, government organisations, and non-profit groups, Corporater EPM Suite drives a culture of efficient, productive performance. You can rely on its precise metrics and analytics, intuitive dashboards, comprehensive planning tools, and strategy scorecards to create real, measurable results in your workplace.
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