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Educational agency achieves A+ results with Hiend Performance Management Solution
Armed with Hiend Performance Management Solution (PMS), this Singapore educational agency has raised the bar for its programs, offering continuous improvement and measurable progress.
A government agency

Public sector


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The client
As a government agency whose parent organisation is in charge of more than 350 educational institutes in Singapore, the client is responsible for creating and implementing a performance management model for these schools and institutes, providing information and helping to improve their results. In the capacity of a consultant, this agency provides assistance with business organisation, customer service skills, training offerings, continuous improvement models, and more.

The challenge
The agency in question was seeking an IT solution to help it manage the data it continuously receives from its managed institutes and schools. The ideal platform for this group would be scalable and integrated, offering a way to effectively manage the pre-defined model used by the agency to supervise a variety of institutes.

The agency's performance management model uses information based on a set of KPIs, strategy objectives, and scorecards that are submitted regularly by each institute to document and evaluate their progress. This ongoing stream of information used to be manually collated and processed by the agency; now, with the new IT solution, this data would need to be collated and collected into automatic reports for monitoring and assessment.

The following objectives were key in this organisation's needs:

  • Complete and comprehensive performance management reporting tools
  • Calculation of measurable performance outputs that can be assessed and judged on a detailed basis or for overall results
  • Prioritisation of key metrics and issues to empower decision making
  • Clarity and transparency in a single, centralised database
  • A system that recognises key strengths while identifying weaknesses and areas for development
  • Reporting tools that facilitate conclusions and the creation of action plans
  • A system that encourages continual improvement
  • Robust, auditable records and tracking processes

The solution
The new performance management system developed by Hiend for this client is a highly complex piece of software with a powerful, versatile, and usable interface that addresses the agency's continual need to process massive amounts of data. The visual and dynamic dashboards provide detailed reporting and overall summaries that put key information in front of administrators with the click of a mouse.

Other features of this solution include:

  • Ease of use: The system is designed to be run by managers and administrators with minimal IT skills and no programming knowledge.
  • Synchronised objectives: The system captures the agency's clearly articulated goals and weighs individual institutes' results against factors such as budget objectives, time deadlines, and other benchmarks to deliver a comprehensive summary.
  • Web-based: All elements of the system can be easily accessed from anywhere via an Internet connection and web browser.
  • Flexibility: Evaluation models can be changed or replaced as needed with simple tools available to any administrator.
  • Simplicity and clarity: By streamlining the design and functions of the system, Hiend's solution helps to drive the agency toward best practices and ongoing improvement. The clear, effective presentation makes it easy to pinpoint flaws or shortcomings in the training approaches used by the institutes, and to suggest strategies for improvement.

The benefits
These features combine to create an efficient platform that has revolutionised the way this agency constructs its evaluations and measures the performance of individual institutes.

  • Greater flexibility in calculating and assessing performance
  • Increased ability to compare results across various institutes
  • Faster and more accurate monitoring
  • Improved speed and efficiency of communication about changes to evaluation models and targets
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Ease of identification and reward of top performers
  • Financial savings with managed IT solutions that require minimal support or maintenance
  • Evolving change and improvement with development plans and strategic competency evaluations
  • Flexible and adaptable software can be adjusted to suit new evaluation strategies

As a result of its new and improved process management, this agency has been able to save substantial amounts of time and money that were formerly required for administrative tasks. It can now devote more attention to creating growth and improvements among the institutes it supervises.

Hiend PMS has enabled the agency to deliver more effective, targeted results and to increase educational standards and performance across Singapore.
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