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Take your online presence to the next level with Hiend Content Management Solution
Hiend Content Management Solution (CMS) is uniquely designed to control your entire web presence. From set up and navigation to online marketing, lead generation, and collaborative in-house intranet, this platform truly does it all.
Hiend CMS offers a versatile spectrum of tools for managing every aspect of your company's online presence. Its functionality includes:

  • Complete personalisation and an easy to use interface
  • Intelligent content mash-up for aggregating dynamic content
  • Simple tools that deliver proven SEO results
  • Time savings in line editing function
  • Integrated reporting and web analytics
  • Easy programmability
  • Excellent integration with other systems
  • Robust out-of-the-box functionality
  • Multiple resources and add-ons to enhance the system
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Providing complete management capabilities for every aspect of your website, Hiend CMS is a flexible and highly adaptive method of organising your online business to serve your corporate strategy and your visitors. From corporate portals to micro-sites and landing pages, focused modules deliver all the features you need in a single, easy-to-use format.

Community involvement and engagement
Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn provide potential customers with dozens of new ways to interact with the businesses they use. Hiend CMS is another way to take your online presence to the next level, providing essential tools to interface with your community and engage your clients in discussion. Receive feedback and ideas from your customers and gain insight into their expectations, desires, and demographics.

  • Create compelling content
  • Strengthen the connection between your website visitors and your business
  • Interact with your community and receive feedback
  • Actively engage with customers through social media
  • Boost sales and conversions with a smart online presence

Do more with your content
Hiend CMS offers specialised modules to help you create targeted content for your website, blogs, and newsletters. Customise your site to deliver the right message at the right time with results-oriented content features.

Understand your visitors and your target audience
Hiend CMS contains an Integrated Forms Module that makes it easy for anyone to create surveys and questionnaires - no technical or programming skills required! In minutes, you can be on your way to information that will help your business generate leads and turn them into sales.

Engage with your community through blogging
A corporate blog is a practical way to keep customers informed and engaged with your business. Simple blogging tools make it easy to build blogs and RSS feeds that will strengthen ties with your online community.

Optimise, schedule, and publish content effortlessly
Don't waste time duplicating your efforts. With a single, multipurpose interface, Hiend CMS makes it possible to source, create, schedule, and publish content to multiple websites and social media at once.

Fresh content is king
Keep your eye on the target with intuitive tools that drive focus where it counts: to your content, not the technology behind it.

Language tools make global enterprise a breeze
Leverage Hiend CMS language modules to communicate with clients around the world in their own native dialects. Premium features enable global visitors to view your content in their language of choice.

Connect your marketing efforts with a unified strategy
Hiend CMS is an ideal tool for managing the content you publish to blogs, online newsletters, and external social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unite multiple marketing channels and create a consistent strategy across the web. The entire process of creating, publishing, aggregating, and sharing content can be streamlined under a single directive that empowers your brand and drives it forward.

  • Create dynamic landing pages and marketing copy that promotes your current campaigns
  • Unite your brand under a single, unified theme across your entire web presence
  • Communicate your message clearly and cohesively
  • Send emails and promotional messages that engage customers and build loyalty
  • Coordinate your brand and your image with total control over the content you publish

Build dynamic websites
Drive your company's marketing with campaign websites and micro-sites that target your upcoming events, special offers, or new releases. No coding knowledge is needed - just drag and drop content elements to build your pages.

Monitor campaigns with versatile analytics
Hiend CMS includes an easy-to-use Analytics module that delivers all the details of your progress and measures your success. See how each of your web and email campaigns is performing and make any necessary improvements.

Multi-channel marketing
Draft, collate, publish, revise, email, and share content on your website, social media accounts, and blogs with one easy interface.

Everything you need, straight out of the box
There is no simpler way to manage your websites, market your brand, and engage customers than with the tools offered by Hiend CMS. Create an RSS feed, make email announcements, and publish to your blogs and online media accounts with one-click functions that save you time and frustration and slash your marketing budget from the start.

Get to know your customers
Wouldn't it be great if you could customise your marketing and information to precisely target the people who visit your site and the way they use it? Hiend CMS includes a Web Analytics module that intuitively tracks all of the reporting providing by Google Analytics... and more. Get up to speed on your visitor demographics, website activity, and the ways in which people find your site so you can improve your landing pages to target current users.

  • Achieve insight into your customers' needs and searches with real-time reporting tools
  • Gain access to metrics that reveal visitor behavior on your site
  • Learn which content and pages are most effective
  • Understand the total impact of your social media accounts, email newsletters, and online ads
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Monitor the effect of website content revisions and design changes

Integrated analytics module
Combining the resources of Google Analytics with a highly intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the integrated analytics module is one of the most powerful web tools you'll ever have at your disposal. The dashboard offers the keys to your traffic statistics, usage, visitor data, and more, helping you build an effective online strategy.

Detailed visitor demographics
Everything you need to know about your site's traffic is summarised in comprehensible, concise reports that offer insight into your current visitors and new customer prospects you may not be targeting yet.

Magnify and master your online presence
In today's tech-centric market, the web is key to the success of any business. That's what makes this suite of versatile web management tools such an effective key to unlocking the potential of your company's web presence. With the ability to manage campaign pages and micro-sites in tandem with your main website and social media profiles, Hiend CMS offers the power to channel your brand, expand your online reach, and interact with your target audience - all with just a few clicks. It's never been easier for a non-programmer to master the web.

  • Refine and strengthen your brand
  • Attract the interest of potential customers
  • Build a website that accurately represents your business
  • Grow your clients' involvement to drive more sales and increase your reach

Gain control of your web presence and deliver effortless results
With an easy learning curve and intuitive features, Hiend CMS makes it easy for anyone, with or without technical knowledge, to manage web campaigns and evoke a powerful audience response. An emphasis on tasks and results makes this software tool simple to use, with straightforward tutorials that provide clear guidance.

SEO tools provide a springboard for top rankings
Search engine optimisation is made simple with Hiend CMS. Search engine tools help you build keyword-optimised landing pages that drive qualified traffic to your site.

Empowered content creation
There is no better tool for content authors than this CMS from Hiend. Equipped with a text editor that closely resembles Microsoft Word, along with simple drag and drop page creation, non-technical staff members can easily contribute to your site.

User-friendly interface
Built on a simple platform that enables task-oriented work without unnecessary distractions, Hiend CMS provides an intuitive flow and can be configured for maximum ease of use. Help and video tutorials enable anyone to grasp this clear system with virtually no learning curve.

Word-like content editor
No HTML knowledge is needed to work with this straightforward content editor, which closely resembles Microsoft Word in both appearance and functionality. Edit text, add images, create links, and incorporate multimedia content with effortless efficiency.

Inline updating and editing
Update your website content - or correct any errors and typos - with inline editing that enables webmasters to add, edit, update, or remove site elements while scanning the pages online. Changes will update instantly, saving time and redundancy.

Control workflow processes
Hiend CMS makes it easy to set your own rules for workflow and establish checkpoints where new content can be monitored by a webmaster or site editor before going live. Page histories are saved automatically, ensuring that earlier versions can be restored with ease.

Business process management
Hiend CMS conforms to your business operational style, with optimised tools and modules that make website publishing easier and more efficient. Every aspect of the software can be customised to suit your corporate goals. Webmasters retain ultimate control over security, management roles, and responsibilities, so you can work the way you want.

Suited to the size of your online business
Built for large corporations, Hiend CMS is designed to grow with your company. As your online needs expand, so does the capacity of this tool to evolve along with you. This website management platform easily integrates with business software, CRM systems, marketing automation, reporting analytics, and e-commerce solutions to provide the most versatile and comprehensive system available.
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